Over the centuries with its many limewashed, half-timbered and stone buildings. One of those buildings, The George Inn, dates back to circa 1361. 

Since then always been here eating, drinking and meeting place, the most popular venue for locals and tourists alike. The George has retained its Olde English character with original beams exposed to give private and cosy atmosphere as one of main features. This iconic pub is famous for its grand open fire place with a dog wheel.

Visitors are enthralled with tales about olden days, when meat was cooked on a spit which was turned by the wheel using specially bred dogs called Turnspit. Now during the winter months this fireplace glows with a log fire enhancing some of the pub décor. The most warming welcome.

Lacock without roof aerials, satellite dishes or overhead cables is a film makers dream and often is used as a film set. Cranford starring Dame Judi Dench, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Moll Flanders, Wolfman and scenes from Harry Potter to name just a few that have been filmed here. 

At The George you can see our gallery of pictures that were taken during a filming the above together with local press articles about it and photos of some of the celebrities that have visited. 

While talking about Lacock we shall not forget about one of its famous –  William Henry Fox Talbot – a great photographer and inventor of the negative/positive process, who lived in Lacock Abbey, worked here and is recognised as a father of "modern” photography.

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